We Are Vitamin & Supplement Label Design Experts

Why is using a graphic designer not familiar with vitamin & supplement label design dangerous to your business?

Without proper warning labels & other mandatory industry guidelines, your product will be taken off the shelves and not allowed to be sold. With experience in designing labels that are already passing these guidelines, you will be a step ahead of the game. Having a sleek label can go a long way. Consumers decide in seconds how they feel about a product soon after they see it for the first time.

We know what stands out to customers and what doesn’t to make sure we catch the potential cusotmer’s eye. We specialize in this type of design. You can rest easy knowing we will create a beautiful design and also take care of the visual, tactile, & nutrition facts information.

Let's Create an Incredible Dietary Supplement Label Design Together!

It doesn’t matter if you’re entering the industry for the first time, need a new supplement manufacturer, require an additional source of supply, or are planning on adding a new product to your line; EMF CORP can do everything for you.

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